Milwaukee couple has puppy stolen during burglary

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee couple isn't having much of a Merry Christmas after, they say, burglars broke into their home and stole their six-month-old puppy, Beau -- along with several other valuables.

Angela Groh says her husband, David, gave her the Maltese less than two months ago as an early Christmas present.

"He was a cute little rascal and we miss him. We hardly got to know him, actually, in the month and a half so we're hoping someone can help," said Angela.

Milwaukee Police confirm they responded to a burglary call last Thursday, December 19th, at the St. James Apartments near 107th and Bradley. The Groh's say they were gone most of the day.

"When we came home I put the key in the door, in the lock and the door pushed right open. It was unlocked. So I told my husband I think somebody been in our home," said Angela. "The house was just trashed. Everything, it was a mess. We came in, again, my husband went in the bedroom and said 'oh no' when he noticed the dog was gone and he turned around and saw the TV was gone."

The couple says the thieves also took a tablet, Citizen watch and their checkbook. They believe the burglars climbed up the balcony and cut through a screen to enter through the bedroom window.

"It's really hard when someone comes in and invades your privacy, your home, and takes your belongings and it messes with your mind," said David.

"If they can give us Beau back, the other stuff we'll make it in trying to replace, but I just want my dog back. My puppy back," said Angela.

Milwaukee police are actively investigating the incident. No one has been taken into custody.