Milwaukee County supervisor accused in drunk driving crash reaches plea deal; 2 citations dismissed

Marcelia Nicholson

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County supervisor accused in a drunk driving crash on I-43 in July has reached a plea deal in the case against her.

Marcelia Nicholson, 30, on Wednesday, Aug. 22 pleaded no contest to operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration, greater than .15, first offense, a citation. She was found guilty and her driving privileges were revoked for six months. Additionally, she was ordered to complete an alcohol assessment program, and pay fines. Furthermore, she was ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed on her vehicle for a minimum of one year after her license is reinstated.

Two other citations, OWI, first offense and failure to keep vehicle under control were dismissed.

Nicholson crashed while driving southbound on Interstate 43 overnight Monday, July 23. Her car came to rest in a traffic lane, and she was arrested at 12:05 a.m.

Nicholson admitted to having one drink, but a breath test conducted inside the Milwaukee County Jail sallyport revealed she had a .18 blood alcohol content.

Arrest of Marcelia Nicholson

Arrest of Marcelia Nicholson

Arrest of Marcelia Nicholson


Through her attorney, Michael S. Maistelman, Nicholson said she cooperated fully with police during the arrest.

"I will make no excuses. I made a horrible mistake and I am embarrassed by my actions," Nicholson said in the statement. "I apologize to my constituents, colleagues, and community members for my inexcusable decision."

Marcelia Nicholson

Maistelman said she takes responsibility for her actions.

"Her biggest concern is to her constituents because she's the elected official from her county supervisory district and she wants them to know she's out there, going to continue to represent them, work for them and this is not going to affect that. She should move on and forward and try to serve her constituents the best she can. She's a rising star on the county board and she wants to continue in that role," said Maistelman.

When deputies first put Nicholson in the back of a squad car on I-43, she asked to be taken somewhere for the night and complained of being tired, dash camera video indicates. That dash camera video shows, it appears Nicholson's "On Star" called 911 after the crash.

In the video, Nicholson tells deputies "I don't remember hitting the wall."

When a deputy told Nicholson, "so you're twice the legal limit, so I'm going to need you to put your hands behind your back. You're under arrest for operating while intoxicated," the video shows Nicholson, became upset.

"I'm an elected official here. I don't -- this is -- I don't get into trouble. I don't. I have to work in the morning. I have to get up and go to work. I had two beers. That's it. Two beers," said Nicholson.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office released the 911 calls made to the dispatch center the crash.

The first call was made directly from Nicholson's SUV. The OnStar system dialed 911 -- and dispatchers spoke with Nicholson immediately after the crash. Nicholson indicated she was not seriously hurt. She indicated, "I'm in the freeway, people were driving really fast."

OnStar call to dispatch center

The second 911 call came from a driver who witnessed what had happened. That person said, "This guy was swerving everywhere, crashed into one side of the freeway and completely, like, almost flipped the car and smashed into the other side head-on."

911 caller to dispatch center