Milwaukee County Board overrides county executive reform vetos

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It is a controversial reform plan that has Milwaukee County supervisors fired up.

"I think it wreaks havoc," County Supervisor Jim Schmitt said.

The board voted in favor of reforming itself and against state imposed changes in previous meetings.  The local plan would reduce salaries by 20 percent and require supervisors to take training every other year.  It would also reduce the board budget.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele vetoed those measures, calling them impractical and illegal.  On Monday, the board overturned his veto.

"It's just a different vision of what county governance should be. It's clear that the exec would rather not have a locally generated plan," County Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb said.

A state proposed reform bill would slash the County Board's budget, reduce staff and shrink salaries.  That is a measure four County Board members are in favor of seeing implemented.

"After all the controversy that's been going on here the last few weeks, it was better that the state just kind of take charge and have the reform take place in Madison," County Supervisor Steve Taylor said.

The board still has to make changes to the its plan.  However, if a state bill is passed, it overrides any county proposal.