Milwaukee County announces $10M housing initiative, money to serve 2,000 residents

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Housing Division announced on Thursday, June 11 that it will receive $10 million of Milwaukee County’s allocated CARES Act funding to provide eviction prevention, housing acquisition, and mortgage assistance.

The funds, which are available immediately, will support Milwaukee County residents facing housing and financial instability.

"Beginning today, work with the Milwaukee County Housing Division, and Clerk of Court's office, to offer assistance to both tenants and landlords during eviction hearings," Chief Judge Mary Triggiano said.

"The majority of the funding, $7 million, will be allocated toward eviction prevention -- helping pay rental, rents that are in the arrears," said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. "$2 million will go toward property acquisition and rehabilitation to offer additional housing alternatives to folks whose living options are limited because of COVID-19."

County Exec. David Crowley

Crowley said the remaining $1 million will provide mortgage assistance for households that require short-term financial support on their payments.

"We anticipate this funding will help serve more than 2,000 Milwaukee County residents who are currently facing housing challenges," Crowley said.

Crowley said officials know the need is much greater than this. He indicated he will be asking state and federal partners for additional direct and flexible funding.

Rep. Evan Goyke

"If somebody can't afford their rent that makes it harder for them to have the stability to get to their job, that hurts them and their family, that hurts their employer if rent is not paid it hurts the property owner if the mortgage isn't paid it hurts the financial lender," Rep. Evan Goyke said. "And the dominos go on, and on, and on throughout our entire economy."

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