Milwaukee celebrates United Nations 67th anniversary

MILWAUKEE -- Wednesday, October 24th marked the 67th anniversary of the United Nations. People gathered to celebrate this milestone at Milwaukee's City Hall as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett proclaimed the day United Nations Day.

"To me that`s the power of the United Nations. It opens your eyes to other parts of the world and allows you to understand that we are all here together," Mayor Barrett said.

The United Nations was formed after WWII, to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself.

Although there is plenty of work to do, United Nations officials say it's working, as there is a reduction in the number of peace keeping missions.

"'It seems right now there are only 15 and I know it was a year or so ago there were at least 25. The fact that the number of peace keeping operations has gone down means that something is going right," President of the Greater Milwaukee United Nations Association Dr. Gary Shellman said.

The UN is committed to combating the world's challenges in human rights violations, armed conflicts and environmental and health concerns.

"We all are painfully aware of the Syrian crisis and the headlines and many other ways of man`s inhumanity to man. That is still very much the world in which we live, and yet the UN in some ways is the world`s most important antidote to those kinds of problems," President and CEO of the Stimson Center Ellen Laipson said.

Peacekeeping officials say thinking of the future and taking the high road can save heartache and lives.

CLICK HERE for additional information via the United Nations Association website.