Milwaukee Bucks playoff gear: 'Bucks in 6, back-to-back'

Playoff basketball is back in Milwaukee and the Bucks are hoping for another NBA Championship. 

The reigning champs are showing off some new playoff gear.

"That was amazing and that was like a dream come true for the whole city," said Vincent Nash.

Lifelong Bucks fan Vincent Nash stopped by the Bucks Pro Shop for new playoff merch. 

"I’m such a Bucks fan. I seem to keep buying up so much stuff that I have to find something new and different. You see I got the purple on. I also said this is the new 2022 Playoff merchandise."

Inside the shop, the team's senior vice president, Michael Belot, says it's not just hats and t-shirts.

"A beer flight sampler made out of the actual championship court last year," said Belot.

For fans -- it's not just about the souvenirs and gear -- it's about pride for their team. 

"It's nothing like being down here. You can't just watch it on TV," said Nash.

Bucks fans aren't just in Milwaukee -- this fan calls Cincinnati, Ohio home. 

"Antetokounmpo is a real-life court maniac. He’s awesome," said Matt Beachy.

Bucks fans are confident another championship is on the way. 

"I think they’re perfectly able to repeat," said Beachy.

"Bucks in six, back to back," said Nash. "We’re going to win it again and we got the best players in the world. The best fans in the world." 

This time around the bucks are highlighting last year's win. 

Some pieces of the court where the Bucks made big plays are on sale inside the Pro Shop. 


Milwaukee Bucks playoff watch parties back at Deer District

The first one is scheduled for Game 1 of the Bucks’ First Round series against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, April 17.