Milder temperatures helping those who work outside

MILWAUKEE -- For many, it was hard to believe it is January in Wisconsin with mostly sunny skies, a cloudless sky and temperatures in the 50s Tuesday! Many of those who work outside say the recent bout of milder weather has made their lives much easier!

Temperatures in the 50s is not something most who work outside generally expect in January in Wisconsin! "I've never seen anything like it, really. It's usually five degrees, six degrees," Joel Hoberg said.

Hoberg works for M&M Tree Service Company, and they say the weather is making their work of chopping branches with chain saws and hauling them away to be shred much more tolerable! "The guys can be more efficient, and be a little more comfortable out in the environment," Paul Sutor with M&M Tree Service said. Sutor says Mother Nature has been nice so far this winter, because snow and ice can present challenges. "With the snow and ice, the trees are slippery and the weather is miserable. The guys have to be bundled up, and it's harder to do the work," Sutor said.

Roofers are another group thrilled with the weather we've seen so far this winter. JK Contractors workers do roofing, siding, windows and doors. They say they've been busier than normal with roofing projects, and getting lots of calls. They say they're attributing the high demand to the nice weather, and they say right now, they're not worrying about snow and everything that comes with it. "It takes longer to set up, you're concerned about the conditions, more aware of the snow," Taide Romero with JK Contractors said.

The Department of Transportation says the Mitchell Interchange construction project has one more full year of construction to completion, but hope if the nice weather continues they can have their contractors take advantage of that and perhaps, speed up completion of the project.

Many workers say they don't know how much longer the brutal winter will hold off, but right now, they're just trying to enjoy the nice weather while they can.