Mild weather has plants sprouting, how to protect them

MILWAUKEE -- We've seen a mild winter so far in southeastern Wisconsin, and with temperatures reaching into the 50s on Friday, plants aren't quite sure what season we're in! Some people have seen their plants come up with the recent sunshine and mild temperatures, but will those plants be damaged once we do see snow?

The unseasonably warm winter has created some worry for people with gardens. Ralph Ignatowski from Ace Hardware says if you're seeing plants come out of the ground and are worried they'll be damaged if we do see snow and cold weather, the only thing you can do is cover them, just like you would in the fall. "Evergreen branches or leaves, or if you have plastic, that would be another thing you can cover it with," Ignatowski said.

If you're looking for some reassurance, there are plenty of products available that will give your garden some extra protection. "If you're just seeing little tips come up, I wouldn't worry about it too much," Ignatowski said.

Ignatowski feels it's just a matter of time before we'll be worried about the inevitable problem of snow. "Everybody will panic," Ignatowski said.

Ace Hardware says burlap and straw will give your plants a good seal against the harsh winter elements, or even branches off the old Christmas tree could work as well.