Michigan State Trooper saves toddler as dump truck barrels by

Police dashcam video captured a harrowing scene Friday—but this one had a happy ending.

"Sgt. Richards from the Alpena Post was on patrol Friday when this happened," the Michigan State Police tweeted along with video of the incident. "A 2-year-old girl was nearly struck by a passing dump-truck."

The sergeant saw the toddler wander out into the road, rushed over, and grabbed her just as the truck, which locked its brakes in its attempt to stop, barreled by.

She was returned to her mother, who said she had lost sight of the girl for "just seconds," unharmed.

Per a police press release and Fox News, the family lives across the busy roadway the girl had crossed; the mother appeared soon after the officer rescued the girl. (This similar video shows a quick-thinking bus driver saving a kid.)