Mequon-Thiensville School District faces civil lawsuit

MEQUON -- The Mequon-Thiensville School District is being sued by a father who says his daughter was raped at school. He's not only suing the district -- he's suing the accused boys and the principal at Homestead High School, claiming there was a cover-up.

Former Homestead High School students Brent Anderson and Deangelo Dantzler told an Ozaukee County judge on Wednesday, September 19th they would plead no contest to lesser charges.

The two were accused of having sex with a 14-year-old classmate inside the school in 2011. By pleading no contest to lesser charges, the deal could keep the boys from being listed as sex offenders. However, it does not appear the agreement will keep them out of court altogether.

In a six-page lawsuit filed in federal court this week, the victim's father is suing both teens for damages. The school district, superintendent and Homestead Principal Brett Bowers are also named. The lawsuit claims the district knew of sexual misconduct and did not stop it. It claims the school ridiculed the victim -- and all of the defendants created a hostile school environment.

Board members and school leaders directed FOX6 News to the school district's attorney. He says when the school heard of the incident, it conducted a full investigation and, "After that investigation, the school district determined that the allegations against the district were completely unfounded."

The school board voted unanimously to deny all of the claims in the complaint.

In the lawsuit, the father of the alleged victim says the criminal case has taken its toll, saying, "I lost my job because my daughter was too scared to be home alone, with flashbacks and nightmares and worry. We lost our apartment, our money in our savings -- everything."

The boys accused in this case agreed to plead no contest to reduced charges of child abuse - recklessly causing harm. They will be sentenced in November.

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