Mequon police receive two reports of large animal sightings; nothing found

MEQUON -- Mequon police say they've received two reports of large animals being sighted this week -- both on Monday, August 24th and Wednesday, August 26th.

The first observation was made in 9800 block of N. Granville Road at approximately 7:35 a.m.

Police say the individual who reported seeing the animal described it as appearing to look like an oversized house cat -- with a three-foot tail, and three feet in height from the ground.

The second observation occurred in the 11500 block of Donges Bay Road at approximately 5:51 a.m.

A caller claimed to have observed a mountain lion on the north edge of the roadway.

Officers responded to both of these reports and made no observations of any large animals.

The Mequon Police Department has been in contact with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding these reported observations.

Police encourage folks to contact law enforcement if they observe any unusual large animals.

Additionally, you can go to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website and fill out the online form for “Large Mammal Observation."

The reports of large animals in Mequon come after Milwaukee police took dozens of calls regarding a possible lion in Milwaukee in late July.

The first call in Milwaukee came in on July 20th.

Additionally,  Ozaukee County Sheriff’s officials say they took a call regarding a possible “big cat” sighting on August 5th.

Despite these calls and reported sightings, a lion or big cat hasn't been found.