Menomonee Falls doctor pleads guilty to unlawfully distributing opioids

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Steven Kotsonis, a 38-year-old Menomonee Falls doctor, pleaded guilty Dec. 17 to one count of unlawfully distributing Oxycodone outside of a medical practice and for a legitimate medical purpose.

Kotsonis admitted that in 2012, he moved his medical practice from the Beaver Dam Medical Clinic and changed the name to the Compassionate Care Clinic. An investigation of Compassionate Care Clinic revealed that only cash was accepted and individuals paid $200 and $350 in cash to obtain a prescription. Those prescriptions were written for large quantities of Oxycodone.

57-year-old Susan Moyer, the clinic's office manager and co-owner, typically filled out the prescriptions and had Kotsonis sign them without actually seeing the individual patient. Individuals frequently obtained prescriptions from the Clinic without being examined or having their vitals taken during their visit.

During an office visit to the Clinic, Moyer was recorded referring to herself as the "Oxy Czar".

Moyer previously pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and one count of distribution of Oxycodone. Moyer is not a licensed medical provider.

Kotsonis and Moyer are scheduled to be sentenced in March 2020. Each faces a maximum 20-year prison sentence; a fine of up to $1 million; at least three years supervised release up to a maximum of a lifetime term of supervised release; and a special assessment of $100.