Menomonee Falls community members call for resignation of village trustee after controversial comments

MENOMONEE FALLS -- After coming under fire for controversial comments posted on Facebook – an elected official in Menomonee Falls was at the center of debate during a village board meeting on Monday, June 15, where many community members called for him to resign.

Steve Taggart

For more than 90 minutes during the 'public comment' portion of the meeting, community members voiced their opinions over comments posted online by Village Trustee Steve Taggart.

"These comments are inconsistent with the respect and maturity I expect from the trustees of this village," said community member Denise Cichy.

Taggart said the comments in question were taken out of context, but dozens of community members who showed up Monday said his words are dangerous -- and called for his immediate resignation.

Earlier this month, Taggart wrote that the School District of Menomonee Falls is run by "radical communists."

On another occasion, a Facebook user posted about hearing possible gunshots in Menomonee Falls. Taggart replied, writing "police firing range, practicing for Saturday."

A student-led black lives matter rally was scheduled for that Saturday.

"Just because you don't like what someone has to say, does not mean they don't have the right to say it or be censored for it," said Paul Moldenhauer, a community member.

Also in attendance, former Village  Board President Jefferson Davis who said: "I support Trustee Taggart, I think he is a breath of fresh air for Menomonee Falls."

Following the public comments portion of the meeting, when asked if he would resign, the gallery was met with silence.

Taggart said comments were taken out of context.

"Thank you for all attending, watching and sharing your concerns, I'm very sorry for a momentary lack of judgement, and allowing a comment to be taken out of context," said Taggart on Monday.

Village trustees Randy Van Alstyne and Tim Newman made a motion to censure, or discipline Taggart. The resolution, however, was not passed.

One trustee abstained from voting. Three trustees voted in favor; three others, including Taggart, voted against it.