Menominee tribe fights new study saying Wis. has too many casinos

KENOSHA -- The Menominee tribe wants to open a casino in Kenosha at the old dog tracks, but a study shows Wisconsin has too many casinos already. The study claims Wisconsin loses out when new casinos come in.

The study done by a UW-Green Bay Professor finds new casinos take money away from existing ones. Menominee Chairman Craig Corn says, "There's so much more that goes into that goes into an application than just some report from a UW-Green Bay professor."

What the Menominee tribe is trying to do is get a new casino at the old Dairyland Greyhound track in Kenosha. It's expected the casino would being thousands of jobs, millions in revenue for the city and needed support for the tribe. Chairman Corn says, "It's the future of our tribe the future of our people. This isn't something we take lightly."

The Menominee wants to expand gaming in four cities statewide, but the UW-Green Bay study says that's not in the best interest of Wisconsin.