Men competitively shop during 'Race for the Hungry' event

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It was a race to the checkout on Friday, December 27th and the reward was a lot more than bragging rights. At El Rey Food Mart in Milwaukee, North Shore Bank held their annual Race for the Hungry Event.

Two competitors, Diablo Williams and Maurice Jewell, each got a list of food items and an empty cart to fill before racing to the checkout.  All of the items were then donated to the Milwaukee Christian Center Food Pantry -- a total of $470 worth of groceries.

“The food they give us we get to give out to other families, and to see them actually be happy, and it really is a blessing to see that. You actually see it helping people and not just going to the wayside," said Williams, who also works for the Christian Center.

"This gives us an opportunity to help replenish their shelves at a much needed time as they are going empty," said North Shore Bank District Manager Janet Dexter. "It makes ti fun and puts a little element to it where it gives them an opportunity to put a little competition in it.

Williams made it to the checkout first, but of course no one walked away disappointed. Both participants received gift cards to the grocery store.

North Shore Bank also hosted several other Race for the Hungry events throughout the state on Friday.