Memorial garden in honor of murder victim causing controversy in Wind Point

WIND POINT -- A memorial garden planted in a Wind Point front yard is upsetting at least one neighbor, who says the flowers provide a constant reminder of another brutal crime.

A memorial filled with flowers and lawn ornaments adorns a Wind Point lawn in honor of Jonathan Kwiatkowski. He was fatally stabbed at the home in April of 2011 by a neighbor who is now serving a life sentence. The memorial has been in place for about 16 months.

John McNulty, a neighbor across the street filed a complaint with the Village of Wind Point, characterizing the memorial as a public nuisance and calling for its removal, arguing it is in the Village's right of way.

McNulty told FOX6's media partners at the Caledonia Patch the memorial brought back painful memories for his roommate, whose daughter was murdered in Oregon in 1986.

McNulty's complaint quotes an ordinance that "no person shall place within the limits of any street maintained by the Village any sign, signal, marker, mark or monument unless proper permission is first obtained."

McNulty's roommate told FOX6 News since the complaint was filed September 13th, they've received angry emails and messages. She also says this is strictly a right-of-way matter for the Village Board.

FOX6 News was told the Village Board president is looking into the matter.

One neighbor said the memorial doesn't bother her, especially if it gives the family some comfort, but added she knows other neighbors who don't like it because they don't want to be reminded of the tragedy.

CLICK HERE for additional information via FOX6's media partners at the Caledonia Patch.

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