Meet the 'Hamdog' - a hot dog and hamburger all in one

From Australian Mark Murray comes an innovation in barbecue technology: "the Hamdog," a customized bun capable of holding a hamburger and a hot dog at the same time. The hybrid bun holds an uncut hot dog in the middle, with a sliced burger patty on each side.

Murray patented his creation back in 2009, and when he appeared on the Australian version of Shark Tank in 2015, he was laughed off by the judges.

Murray is back in the spotlight a year later now that he's selling franchise rights for his concept for $10,000 a pop. It’s unclear if anyone has taken him up on it yet.

There is already an American "Hamdog," although it's quite different than its Australian cousin. Invented by Chandler Goff of the Decatur, Georgia bar Mulligans, it features a hot dog wrapped in a beef patty and then deep fried. It's then covered with chili, french fries, and a fried egg.

Hamdogs were served to customers for the first time back in July.