Medical worker greeted with cheers as he’s discharged from hospital after 3 months fighting COVID-19 in ICU

HULL, England - Front-line medical worker Neil McDonald, 52, received cheers and applause from his colleagues as he was finally discharged from the same hospital where he works in Hull, England.

McDonald is a healthcare assistant at the Royal Hull Infirmary, where he was hospitalized on May 3 after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

Within a day of his positive test result, he was admitted to an intensive care unit where his condition fluctuated over the next several months.

He spent a total of nine weeks in intensive care.

According to a local news outlet, McDonald was sedated and put on a ventilator as his family and colleagues prepared for the worst.

The day that he was released, the Twitter account for the hospital posted a video of him being greeted by friends and fellow medical workers cheering on his recovery as a bell rang in honor of his victory against COVID-19.

“Such an amazing sight to see #endoscopy healthcare assistant Neil McDonald being cheered off Ward 9C after beating #coronavirus,” wrote the hospital.

“Just look how pleased his teammates and ward staff are to see him on his way home,” Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said.

Close friend and fellow endoscopy nurse Allyson Pattison, reveling in the good news, told Hull Daily Mail, "As healthcare workers, we've been all too aware of the devastating impact coronavirus has had on individuals and families, but it hits even harder when it’s someone close to you who’s affected."