Mayor Barrett encourages flexibility for city workers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says city buildings and facilities will remain open on Tuesday, January 28th despite the extreme cold -- but is urging city workers to check with their supervisors regarding the plan for Tuesday's work day.

Mayor Barrett issued the following statement on Monday afternoon:

"Due to the extreme inclement weather expected through (Tuesday), I am asking Department Heads to do everything possible to maintain a regular schedule of operations while safeguarding the health and welfare of City employees.

While City buildings and facilities will remain open for service, employees engaged in operations which are of a non-critical nature as identified by the Department Heads should be given options to be excused from work using vacation, compensatory time off or other paid leave allowed under the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances or departmental work rules.

Non-critical services are those which can be postponed or suspended temporarily without affecting the health, welfare or safety of the community.

Department Heads shall afford flexibility for delayed reporting and/or early departure of employees as necessary.

Requests from employees to make-up the time within the week or as needed by a department to ensure the continuity of services may be implemented at the discretion of the Department Heads.

If there are changes in operations, please take the appropriate measures to notify the public in advance to minimize delays and unnecessary travel and waiting periods."

Milwaukee County offices and buildings, including the Milwaukee County Courthouse will be closed on Tuesday.