'Maybe he'll see this and quit:' Muskego police warn of man reportedly 'looking in windows'

MUSKEGO -- Police in Muskego on Monday, Dec. 16 posted to social media a warning after receiving reports of a man "looking in windows that don't belong to him."

Police said they had taken multiple reports during the past few weeks -- with complainants indicating the man either hunkers behind bushes outside homes or peeks in windows.

The man "has been scared off more than once," police noted, and has always been seen running towards Jensen Park.

Police asked people living in that area to be on the lookout -- writing, "We'd like to speak with this creeper and provide him with some ideas of more productive activity choices, maybe a reminder of our trespassing laws, and a lesson in human decency."

The only description offered by police is that he's a white man.

If you have information or you spot suspicious behavior, please reach out to Muskego police.