Masks, effects and frames: Fun with Facebook’s new camera feature

We think of Facebook as a place to share photos, but now the social network has a fun new camera feature to help you create them!

There are several new ways to create and share with Facebook's new camera feature, which was recently quietly introduced.

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Access the camera

To access the new Facebook camera, open the Facebook app and click the little camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (Android) or at the bottom left hand of your screen (iOS).

Choose your effects

Once you're in the camera, you can start exploring effects. If you're taking a selfie, make sure your front facing camera is activated. Swipe up on your screen to cycle through a random collection of effects.

If you want to access more effects, click the little magic wand. Now you'll see the complete library of things you can choose from: masks, effects and frames.  Tap on one to transform your picture.

When you find an effect you love, you can tap the shutter button to take a picture or press and hold the shutter button to record a video clip. Keep in mind some of the effects feature music or change the sound of your voice. Others require that you open your mouth or move around for some extra fun.

Share your creation

Now that you've made something fun, it's time to share. You have a bunch of different options here.

Share to your story: This is similar to the story feature on Instagram and Snapchat. Share your creation here and your Facebook friends can look at it was much as they want for 24 hours before it disappears.

Share to your Facebook page: This is your standard Facebook post. It will live on your profile and show up in your friend's newsfeeds. It doesn't go away unless you choose to delete your post.

Share direct to a friend: This is the equivalent of sending a message to your contact. They will be able to see your photo or video for a total of 2 times in 24 hours before it disappears.

Share to other apps: If you want to share outside of Facebook, just click the down arrow with the 'save' label. This will put the photo or video in your camera roll so you can access it with other apps.

Have fun! The augmented reality camera feature inside Facebook is similar to what you'll find in Instagram and Snapchat, but I find that the features inside the Facebook camera are really fun. Enjoy!

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