Martial artists of all ages compete in J.K. Lee's Great Midwest Championship

BROOKFIELD -- More than 600 martial artists competed in Brookfield on Saturday, April 16th. It was for the J.K. Lee Great Midwest Championship Tournament.

Organizers say the tournament is the biggest one of its kind in the Midwest. It draws competitors from just three years old, to Saturday's oldest competitor at 87 years old!


Not only that, a very special black belt was presented at the event.

"J.K. Lee black belt has been servicing Milwaukee for over 40 years, and as a big celebration for all the work people have done to make this city great, we awarded the Mayor, Mr.(Steve)Ponto, an honorary first degree black belt," said Chan Lee, J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy.

This is the 35th year J.K. Lee has held the Midwest tournament.