Marquette Univ. H.S. students help abandoned cat

MILWAUKEE -- A group of Marquette University High School students are being hailed for helping an abandoned cat last Friday.

The abandoned cat was locked in a carrier on the west side of the Wisconsin Humane Society. The boys from Marquette University High School's Cross Country team ran into the lobby to alert shelter staff, who brought the cat inside. She was a bit rattled and hungry, but healthy. “Wells” the cat is now available for adoption into a new loving home.

In a news release issued Wednesday, Angela Speed from the Wisconsin Humane Society said, “This simple act of kindness meant everything to this poor cat. We unfortunately hear many stories about kids hurting helpless animals, but these kids simply did the right thing. They acted with compassion and kindness, and we couldn’t be more proud and thankful to them.”

If you're interested in adopting Wells, you can see her online at