Marcus Theaters Value Tuesday; moviegoers navigate change

From fresh popcorn to reclining seats, Tuesdays at Marcus Theaters is going to look a little different and cost a little more. 

"We are now Value Tuesday," said Kristie Miller, general manager for Marcus Theaters

Mary Ziese told FOX6 News she comes every week. 

"Because Tuesday’s are cheap, and I always bring my nieces and nephews," Ziese said.

Mary Ziese

What used to be just $5 for a ticket will now be $6 for Magical Movie Rewards Members – and $7 for non-members.

"I was a little sad, but I’m still very grateful that it's cheaper to come on Tuesdays, so I’m OK with the dollar," Ziese said.

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Why the sudden change?

"I think it was time for kind of a rebranding for the program, really a push to incentivize people to get that MMR card," Miller said.

Miller said free popcorn might be going away, but the loyalty members program is free. 

On Value Tuesdays, members get 20% off discounted food and non-alcoholic drinks. Ziese said it really adds up.

"All of a sudden I look, and it buys the whole candy, popcorn," Ziese said.

It has been a price people have paid for decades. But this change is not stopping moviegoers. 

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"It’s still affordable, at this time," Ziese said.

Reward members will also get 50% off ticket surcharges for DLX Ultra Screen 3-D showings on Tuesdays.