Man, woman accused of passing counterfeit $100 "motion picture" bill in Racine County

RACINE COUNTY -- A man and a woman are each facing two counts of uttering a forgery, accused of passing a $100 bill that read: "For motion picture use only" in Racine County.

The accused are 22-year-old Quatisha Pitt of Racine, and 23-year-old Dexter Smith of Racine.

According to the criminal complaint, on January 23rd, Mount Pleasant police responded to the Burger King restaurant on Washington Avenue for a customer who passed a fake $100 bill. An employee said Quatisha Pitt made a purchase in the drive thru and attempted to pay with a $100 bill. The employee said she was "immediately suspicious" of the bill, but Pitt said multiple times that it was real. The complaint says when the employee went to grab a manager, Pitt drove away. The employee said Smith was in the front seat of the vehicle -- and she knew this, because she was familiar with both of them.

An officer inspected the bill and determined that it was, indeed, counterfeit. The bill read: "For motion picture use only."

Later on January 23rd, officers were dispatched to the Subway store on S. Sylvania Avenue for a customer who passed a counterfeit $100 bill. An employee stated the counterfeit bill was used when a man and woman came into the store and made a purchase. Officers were informed that the woman used the $100 bill to buy food, and the man then asked for change for his separate $100 bill.

The complaint says it wasn't until later that it was discovered that the $100 bill used to buy food at the Subway store stated: "For motion picture use only."

Pitt and Smith were arrested on January 23rd.

Pitt was interviewed, and the complaint says she confirmed that she and Smith went to the Burger King restaurant in order to pass the counterfeit $100 bill, before heading to the Subway in an attempt to pass additional counterfeit $100 bills. Pitt further admitted to passing counterfeit bills at a McDonalds restaurant earlier in the week.

Pitt and Smith will be in court on February 11th for their preliminary hearings.