Man withdraws more than $3,000, leaves it on his trunk and then...

MINNEAPOLIS (WITI) -- A Minnesota Sheriff's deputy found nearly $3,000 in hundred-dollar bills blowing around in the wind!

The Sheriff's deputy hit the jackpot in rural Stearns County. She spotted what looked like leaves swirling near some trees, and she soon realized the "leaves" were hundred-dollar bills. She spent the next half-hour grabbing the whirlwind of cash like a contestant on a game show.

The Sheriff's deputy found a total of $3,010, along with a withdrawal slip from a bank.

As it turns out, a customer had withdrawn the money at a credit union about 15 miles away in order to pay for some work done on his car. He accidentally left it on his trunk along with his wallet and cell phone.

Then, he droe off.

There is no word on whether anyone has found his wallet or his cell phone.