Man who sent email threat to Sheriff Clarke sentenced

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 63-year-old Mark Lovejoy, the Milwaukee man charged after he allegedly threatened Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke via email on March 4, 2013, will spend time behind bars.

Lovejoy was sentenced Monday, July 1st to 45 days in the House of Correction.

Lovejoy was charged with one count of unlawful use of a computerized communication system (use of obscene language).

The email sent directly to the Sheriff reads: “You lousy Uncle Tom piece of (expletive). I wish to hell somebody would shoot you. And what’s with that stupid hat? When people call you a dumb (expletive), I don’t disagree at all.”

According to the criminal complaint, Sheriff Clarke’s stance on gun control prompted Lovejoy to write the email.

In the complaint, Lovejoy claims he intended to save and close the email — with the intent of “cleaning it up” when he calmed down. According to the complaint, Lovejoy told police he had no plans to cause harm to Sheriff Clarke and would like to apologize.

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