Man sentenced to 17 years in prison for hit-and-run that killed mother, son

MILWAUKEE -- Martin Rodriguez, a father of five, was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Thursday, November 1st for a hit-and-run crash that killed a mother and her son.

The crash happened on November 6th, 2011. That's when Rodriguez was driving a green truck and struck two pedestrians crossing Greenfield Ave, and sped off.

49-year-old Frances Pazzaro died that night. Her 20-year-old son, Edward Lindsey died from his injuries a few days later.

Rodriguez had a blood alcohol level of 0.26 the night of the crash. That's just shy of three times the legal limit.

In court on Thursday, the attorney for Rodriguez told the court there are actually two of his client. The Rodriguez everyone saw in court -- and the intoxicated Rodriguez that landed him in court.

Judge Ellen Brostrom understood Rodriguez to be aware of both.

"You could have foreseen, and you should have known from prior drunk driving episodes -- one of which included a hit and run, with this repeated pattern of behavior, that one day it would end up with very, very tragic consequences," Judge Brostrom said.

Through an interpreter, Rodriguez told the victims' family that he was sorry. He asked them for forgiveness for causing such horrible pain.

"He was known to be a good citizen with his neighbors and the people that knew him. Very helpful," defense attorney Rick Steinberg said.

A relative of the victims told the court about the family's devastating loss and the desire that Rodriguez get a harsh sentence.

"The seriousness of the loss of life compels the court to follow the state's recommendation," Judge Brostrom said.

For each of the two counts, Rodriguez got 27 years total -- 17 in prison and 10 of extended supervision.