Man rides bike from Iowa to Sacramento to visit sick sister

SACRAMENTO -- If pain could be measured in miles, then Glenn Offerman's bicycle ride from Iowa to Sacramento will be worth every minute.

According to KTXL, Glenn's sister, Mandie, is in remission. She says it's frustrating that her cancer keeps coming up in conversation.

"You don't have to be all like, 'How are you feeling?' you know?" she said. "When I finish that last round of chemo, I want to say goodbye to it, to all of it, and be done. Entirely."

Glenn's ride, lasting more than 1,500 miles, was a surprise to Mandie. He didn't run the idea past her first.

"She's kind of mad at me," he said.

"I kind of yelled at him," she said.

Glenn said his cross-country ride to Mandie's Midtown Sacramento apartment is so he could feel what his sister feels -- to stare down a seemingly endless road and get to the other side in one piece.

"To push myself as hard as possible, to a breaking point," Glenn told KTXL. "So that I could, see even the smallest glimpse of how she sees life.”

Mandie says she doesn't think, deep down, that the ride was for her. It's a road they've both been down before with their brother Mark. Mark also fought cancer, but died after having complications with chemotherapy.

KTXL reports when Mandie heard what Glenn was planning, with no training, she had her doubts. When she saw him posting pictures along his journey and wearing little safety gear, it made her a nervous wreck.

"When he got to Nebraska, I think I really felt, I knew. I didn’t have a doubt that he would, he’s gonna make it here  on that bike. And it think it’s the most amazing thing,” she told FOX40.