Man reunited with horse lost in Black Forest Fire

(CNN) -- Wildfires are scorching thousands of acres in Colorado -- forcing residents to evacuate their homes. For so many, the fires have come between families and their animals.

Thomas Boyle is one of thousands forced to leave home because of the devastating Black Forest Fire.

"The patrolmen pulled up and said 'You got to get out of here.' I had no warning," Boyle said.

To escape the fire quickly, Boyle had to leave his horses in a nearby barn. When he came back in the morning, his horse Banjo was gone.

"I was heartbroken. When I got that horse he was abused. He was angry. He was a rehab horse. I watched him grow into a very compassionate, kind horse. When I'm on his back he knows what I'm thinking.  That's how close the relationship is with that stallion for me. There's nothing like it," Boyle said.

Boyle searched high and low for Banjo -- looking everywhere he could think of.

He had just about given up hope, until he spotted a photo online.

"Good thing for Facebook. I'm sure glad the day I signed on, I swore I never would do it. I couldn't believe it," Boyle said.

All it took was the simple post of a photo to bring Boyle and Banjo back together.

"I'm real excited to see him. I thought I lost him. I didn't think about the smoke that was choking me. I didn't think about my hands burning. I didn't think about my eyes stinging. I didn't think about dying. I thought about my horses," Boyle said.

Nancy and Randall Devaney took Banjo in after finding him in a pasture about 400 feet around a house that was burning down.

"It's not very often you see a 240 pound, six-foot man crying over a horse. The horse world is a really unique world, because if you're an animal lover it's impossible to say no to them. I'm just grateful the Lord allowed me to have my horse, and that he made it. There's been times I've gone in the barn upset about life, and Banjo comes in and puts his head on your shoulder and it's alright. I've got my horse back, and there's not a better feeling in the world," Boyle said.