Family reunited through DNA kit, 1 sibling from Watertown

The popular DNA kit 23andMe helped connect one man to his long-lost siblings – one of them living in Watertown. 

A family reunion 60 years in the making…

"I can’t put into words, I can’t put into words the joy of finally meeting up with everybody," said Greg Morrison/Craig Johnson. 

Finally finding his true family, Greg Morrison grew up moving from family to family in social services. 


"Every time someone would ask me what my name was or I wrote it down, I always felt this uncomfortable cringing feeling inside of me that, that’s not my name," said Greg Morrison/Craig Johnson. 

Greg's intuition was correct, a 23andMe DNA test confirmed his real name is Craig Johnson and he has a half-brother named Keith who lives in Watertown. 

"I was shocked," said Keith Johnson. 

Kieth is 17 years older than Craig, he remembers Craig as a baby. 

Keith and Craig.

"My whole life I said where is Craig, where is he, am I ever gonna see him again in my whole life?" said Keith Johnson.

That moment came this spring. Craig not only met his half-brother but his biological sister, Lisa. 

"I was pacing, I was shaking, I couldn’t think straight. So excited about everything, I just couldn’t wait to see everyone and hug them," said Lisa Connor. 

Kieth and Lisa are half-siblings – all three share the same father. 

Lisa and Craig

Keith and Craig

"The sheer joy of finally meeting everyone, being able to wrap our arms around each other, hug each other, kiss each other and be with each other… I wish I could do that every day actually," said Craig Johnson. 

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The family says if you are someone considering contacting long-lost family members, you should do it sooner rather than later. 

The Johnson family has plans to see either other all again in Milwaukee soon.