Man rescued after becoming trapped under lawnmower in lake

CALEDONIA -- 60-year-old Louis Gloede of Caledonia was mowing his grass on a riding lawn mower on Saturday, November 10th when the mower overturned and rolled into a man-made lake. The rollover trapped the man under the mower and under water.

Neighbors of Gloede and a police officer who arrived on the scene found the man several feet off shore in about four feet of water. They struggled to free the man from underneath the mower as it was sinking in the soft bottom.

Eventually, Gloede was freed and brought to shore where emergency responders were able to resuscitate him. It's estimated Gloede was under water for between eight and ten minutes.

After Gloede was taken to the hospital and officers arrived, Gloede was alert and able to answer their questions.