Man receives heartbreaking letter weeks after returning lost wallet to its owner

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Weeks after returning a lost wallet to its owner, a young man who thought nothing much of his kindness received a heartbreaking letter.

Justin Terrell picked up a wallet he found next to his car and waited outside, hoping to give it back to its owner. When nobody came out looking for it, he decided to handle things on his own.

"I looked through it," Terrell said. "I found the driver's license and the address — and here we go. A new adventure."

The wallet's owner lived about 10 minutes away. Thank yous and addresses were exchanged; Terrell turned down the reward offered to him.

"My grandfather taught me to always be kind to people," Terrell said. "I never really thought anything of it."

Weeks later, Terrell got a letter from an address he didn't recognize. When he opened the envelope and began reading the letter, he was surprised to see who it was from.


My name is Peaches and we met briefly when you returned my husband's wallet. He had asked me to send you $50 for your kindness and honesty. I'm very sorry it took me so long. Unfortunately my husband passed away suddenly and in the middle of everything, I simply forgot.

Thank you, Peaches

"I was surprised and grateful. At the same time, saddened that he passed away," Terrell said.