Man makes $2,000 mailing potatoes with messages on them

TEXAS -- Nowadays people are able to communicate with each other instantly, and rarely send snail mail anymore. Well, a man in Texas has come up with a bizarre way to send messages, and proves some of the dumbest ideas can make you some serious cash. An entrepreneur actually sends potatoes with handwritten messages to people through the mail!

24-year-old Alex Craig came up with the idea to send anonymous messages on a potato, of all things, while having dinner with his girlfriend.

Craig's girlfriend called it the stupidest idea, adding that he would not sell one spud. Well, after spreading the idea on the social media site Reddit, he quickly sold $2,000 worth of the spuds.

People wishing to order can go online, order a potato for $8-$10, add your message and Craig will send it anonymously!

If you'd like to send a potato, CLICK HERE.