Man killed, three others injured after accident involving Campbellsport student

ASHFORD -- One man was killed and three others were injured in an accident involving a student from Campbellsport High School. This, just hours after 17-year-old Campbellsport High School student Giovanni Clouse was killed in a crash that left two others injured. Meanwhile, emotions are still raw at the high school after three girls were killed in an accident involving nine students back in February.

The latest crash involved a 17-year-old Campbellsport student from Ashford, who was reportedly backing up his vehicle on quiet farmland off of Highway 67 -- just outside of Campbellsport. The teen's vehicle struck a shed full of hunters.

"They hunt every year there. It's like a gathering point before they go out in the woods and do whatever they're going to do," neighbor Gary Malcolm said.

The crash left a giant hole in the shed. One person was killed, and three others were taken to the hospital with injuries. Late Sunday, FOX6 News learned the man killed was identified as Robert Stahl, and the driver has been identified as Nickolos Stahl. 

Sabrina Stahl was one of three teens killed in a February crash in Campbellsport. At this time, it is unclear whether the three are related.

A friend of the 17-year-old driver told FOX6 News he is a student at Campbellsport High School. The crash involving the shed occurred just about a mile from where three Campbellsport High School teens lost their lives back in February.

Then, just hours before the crash involving the shed, a 17-year-old Campbellsport student was killed and two others were injured when their car slammed into a tree.

"How much more is this community going to take? It's just been one right after another," neighbor Jennifer Malcolm said.

"It's just a tragic loss of life. A kid has got to be more responsible with driving," Gary Malcolm said.

A friend of the 17-year-old driver involved in the shed crash told FOX6 News the teen is devastated. 

Officials have said alcohol is not believe to be a factor in this crash.

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