Man involved in Shorewood tactical situation speaks with FOX6

SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- A Shorewood man's inaction caused a standoff on Friday evening, June 21st, as an apartment building on Oakland Avenue was evacuated, and streets were shut down as the SWAT Team tried to get a couple out of their home. The man was taken into custody in connection with the incident, and shared his side of the story with FOX6 News on Tuesday.

Marquis Jones ended the standoff by calling police and asking them what he could do to resolve the situation.

Jones says he was unaware things had escalated, and says there was no reason for the incident to be elevated to this level to begin with.

Jones says this past weekend was one of the worst weekends he's had. Early this week, Jones and his girlfriend were released from the Milwaukee County Jail.

Police say they were initially alerted about a possible domestic situation at the couple's home on Friday.

"Friday me and my girlfriend and another lady friend, we were just here minding our own business in our own home. They got into a verbal disagreement and one of the girls left," Jones told FOX6 News.

When authorities arrived at the couple's third floor apartment, no one answered the door.

"I didn`t answer because I didn`t call. They didn`t have a search warrant. I laid down -- me and my girlfriend for a few hours. I wake up and the SWAT Team, bomb dogs and robots by my door," Jones said.

The couple eventually surrendered.

Jones said a neighbor has called police about a noise complaint in the past, but Jones says he and his girlfriend did nothing to warrant this type of police activity.

"I wasn`t arguing. I didn`t do anything violent. Why should I have to talk to them? I didn`t do anything. They blew the whole situation up for no reason and made it seem like I was some kind of villain or terrorist," Jones said.

Jones says the couple was charged with failure to comply with officers, and he was also hit with disorderly conduct. He believes the incident was a misunderstanding and feels he is the victim.

"No threats, no weapons, no anything was found in my house," Jones said.

Now that he is facing trouble with the law, Jones says he wishes he would have handled things differently on Friday.

"If I knew they were going to do all this, I would have answered the door," Jones said.

Jones has not yet been officially charged through the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

Police have not said what they found in the home, or what prompted such a heavy, tactical response.