Man in Sheboygan County Jail expected to face charges in Manitowoc robbery

MANITOWOC -- A 29-year-old Manitowoc man is in the Sheboygan County Jail where he faces charges from a traffic stop. But soon, he is expected to be charged in Manitowoc County for his alleged role in the armed robbery of the A Store on the city's north side. That crime happened last Thursday evening, February 11th.

Tips led investigators to the suspect. Manitowoc Police received information from the Sheboygan Police Department that the suspect, along with others, had been arrested late Tuesday evening as the result of a traffic stop in Sheboygan County. The traffic stop and subsequent arrest of the suspect was not related to the armed robbery in Manitowoc.

On Thursday morning, February 18th, the Manitowoc Police Department executed a search warrant at the suspect's residence. They found evidence related to the armed robbery. Additional evidence was also recovered from the suspect's property at the Sheboygan County Jail which linked him to the crime.

The Manitowoc Police Department appreciate the help from citizens who called the Crime Stoppers hotline, as well as to the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office, the Sheboygan County Police Department and the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office.