Man exonerated after 24 years in prison accused of approaching underage girls in Janesville

Daryl Holloway

JANESVILLE -- A Milwaukee man once released from prison for a rape officials say he did not commit, is a threat to young girls -- according to police in Janesville.

FOX6 News has told you the strange story surrounding Daryl Holloway the past few years.

Janesville police have released a photo of 49-year-old Holloway of Milwaukee. Police even put out a picture of the vehicle he drives.

According to police, Holloway has been living in Janesville recently, and approached underage girls four times in the past two months -- asking them to get in his car. They arrested him for disorderly conduct.

"The amount of them that we had in such a short time span. The fact he continued to do it even though he knew we were aware of it. It heightened our concern," said Janesville authorities.

FOX6 told you about Holloway in October of 2016. He was freed after serving 24 year in prison for two sexual assaults DNA tests later proved he did not commit.

"I did 24 some odd years for something I believe they know I didn't do. I came in mid-20s, I'm almost 50 now. My whole life has changed," said Holloway.

Daryl Holloway

Since then, Holloway was arrested in August after being caught on a surveillance camera burglarizing a home near 17th and Hampton. Police say Holloway stole a loaded gun off a kitchen table.

Holloway later told police he took the gun because he wanted to kill himself. Now, Holloway is in the news again. He told a television producer at our sister station in Madison, Janesville police got the facts wrong and that he'd never go after children.

We spoke with Holloway on the phone. He said he is now referring people to his lawyer.