Man credits water bed with saving his life after alleged drunk driver slammed into SUV he was sleeping in

SAN DIEGO, California -- A man woke up upside down Thursday morning, November 2nd after a suspected drunken driver slammed into the van he was sleeping in.

KGTV learned the crash happened at about 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 60th Street and Federal Boulevard in Encanto.

The man, whose van was parked on the side of the road, said he was sleeping on a water bed inside the vehicle when the crash occurred.

He told KGTV he believes the water bed cushioned the impact and saved his life.

"I really don't know what happened. I didn't hear the car coming, or squeaking. I just … next thing I know, I was upside down. It was like, twisted, you know?" the man said.

He was not injured in the wreck.

The driver of the Ford Explorer SUV tried to flee the scene but a group of good Samaritans got involved and took the keys from the ignition.

Police arrested the SUV's driver on suspicion of DUI.