Man credits concealed carry weapon for saving two lives

MILWAUKEE -- A would-be victim says his concealed carry gun was the reason a criminal's intentions were stopped cold. He says investigators told him it's possible the man who tried to rob him Saturday night could have robbed others this weekend.

Saturday night, March 24th, Danny Black and his girlfriend Julie took the dogs out for a walk. Seven-year-old golden-doodle Chloe was along for the stroll when Black says another person interrupted.

The two were confronted by the driver of a van in the area of 73rd and Courtland. Worrisome words quickly turned into threatening actions. Black says the driver was armed, and tried to rob the two. "He was saying to her, 'give me the bag, give me the bag.' It was a semi-automatic and he clicked it like he was loading it," Black said.

Black says his heart began to pound, but it wasn't the adrenaline that helped him through. He credits his own firearm. Black has a concealed carry permit, but hoped to never even threaten to use his weapon in public. "Me pulling a gun out saved both of our lives last night. I pointed the gun at him and he said, what was I doing, and just drove off," Black said.

Black says he's all too aware in a different scenario, pulling out a gun against another gunman could have greatly escalated the violence. "I'm just happy with the way it turned out. I don't ever want to be in that situation again," Black said.

Black says this incident should serve as a reminder to Wisconsin criminals that the victims they target may no longer be as defenseless as they may have been before the concealed carry law took effect in the state. "There are thousands of people like me, carrying guns, so them looking for easy targets - that's all over now. That's not going to happen anymore," Black said.

FOX6 News contacted Milwaukee police for comment on this story, but they did not return our email. It's unclear at this time whether anyone is in custody in connection with this incident.