Complaint: Firefighter shot man 6 times after fight over 'basketball'

A Hales Corners firefighter fatally shot Andra Nicholson, Jr., 25, in an alley in Milwaukee's Third Ward Sunday, Dec. 6 after an argument about sports, prosecutors said in a criminal complaint obtained by FOX6 News Sunday, Dec. 13. 

Caesar Fuentes, 23, faces one count of first-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon.

Vigil held for Andra Nicholson

"It's just a terrible tragedy," said Laura Nicholson, Andra's mother.

Prosecutors say Fuentes and Nicholson were at Site 1A when they got into an argument over who had the better high school basketball team. The complaint said Fuentes called Nicholson a "Whitefish Bay (expletive)," and Nicholson hit him. Nicholson was asked to leave the bar and Fuentes followed him minutes later.

While trying to navigate a ride home, Nicholson called his uncle and explained what happened. While on the phone, he was shot by Fuentes six times, including in the back. The victim's uncle heard multiple gunshots and Nicholson said, “I’m hit. He got me. Come help me, Uncle. He got me," according to prosecutors.

Andra Nicholson, Jr.

"Just a great young man," said Andra Nicholson, Sr., Andra's father.

Fuentes, a firefighter and EMT with the Hales Corners Fire Department, made his initial appearance in court Sunday.

"He's young. He's educated. He has a good job," said Fuentes' attorney.

Police said Fuentes turned himself in shortly after the shooting. First responders found Nicholson surrounded by family members in an alleyway near Water and Buffalo.

Caesar Fuentes

"We got there -- when we arrived, wasn’t a soul on the street," said Laura Nicholson. "No cars, no police, no nothing. We found him first. We found him." 

His parents had also received a call from their son.

"Heard him breathing," said Andra Nicholson, Sr., breaking down into tears.

At the scene, his parents said they tried to keep him alive.

"We called 911, and 911 was assisting my husband how to care for him," said Laura Nicholson. "Take a clean shirt and press against the wounds."

Prosecutors say witnesses told police Fuentes called Nicholson a racial slur. Bar security said Nicholson sucker-punched Fuentes before leaving. Outside, Fuentes "pulled out a firearm with an extended magazine" and told Nicholson, "If I ever see you again, I will kill you," the complaint said.

Vigil held for Andra Nicholson

A vigil Thursday brought hundreds to pay their respects.

"We just wanted to keep it positive, because that was him. He was a light, you know, no matter what. Keep your smile. He had a radiant smile," said Andra Nicholson, Sr.

Nicholson's parents are now looking for light in the darkness.

"I want him to be remembered by the way he was, the way he treated people, how he embraced people," said Laura Nicholson.

Fuentes has been placed on unpaid administrative leave with the Hales Corners Fire Department. Cash bond was set at $75,000 in court Sunday morning, with a preliminary hearing set for Dec. 23.

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