Man charged in shooting at Oak Creek mobile home park

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- 26-year-old Brandon Kronquist has been charged in connection with a shooting incident that occurred at a mobile home park on Packard Ave. on July 10th.

Brandon Kronquist

Kronquist faces one count of injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon, explosives or fire.

Officers were dispatched to the mobile home park on S. Packard Ave. for a subject who had been shot in the head.

The criminal complaint in the case says the victim of the shooting, John Kronquist was lying on his left side in the main hallway of the mobile home. John Kronquist told officials he had been shot in the back, and was in severe pain.

The complaint says there were two or three small children inside the mobile home at the time.

Officials located Brandon Kronquist sitting in the living room, and the criminal complaint says Brandon Kronquist showed them his CCW permit, saying, "it was an accident."

The complaint says Brandon Kronquist told officials the family was grilling food and was about to sit down to eat. He said he did not want to eat with his gun in its holster, so he removed it from its holster to place it on top of the fridge.

However, the complaint says Brandon Kronquist told officials the gun got stuck on his shirt, and when he pulled harder, the gun went off.

The complaint says Brandon Kronquist told officials the bullet struck his cousin, John.

When it was interviewed later, the complaint says Kronquist told officials the gun accidentally went off when he was trying to remove the gun from his pocket because he was jokingly pulling the gun out of his pocket in a "quick draw" fashion as his cousin was walking away from him.

The complaint says Kronquist told police he felt sick about what happened and was very concerned about his cousin.

If convicted, Brandon Kronquist faces a maximum of three years and six months in prison and/or a maximum of $10,000 in fines.