Man charged in connection with wrong-way crash in construction zone

MILWAUKEE -- 30-year-old Carlos Smith has been charged in connection with a wrong-way driving incident that led to a crash within a construction zone.

Smith faces one count of operating while intoxicated, causing injury (2nd and subsequent offense), one count of operating with prohibited alcohol concentration causing injury (2nd and subsequent offense) and one count of operating a motor vehicle while revoked -- OWI related.

Smith is accused of crashing into a construction worker's vehicle on I-94 westbound, just south of the 27th Street exit in the Town of Raymond in Racine County.

When a state trooper arrived at the scene, the trooper spoke with Carlos Smith and his brother, Curtis Smith. Curtis told the trooper his brother had been driving, and the trooper noticed a strong odor of intoxicants and THC on Carlos. 

The criminal complaint indicates Curtis asked Carlos where his keys were, and told him he should not have been driving.

While investigating, the trooper discovered Carlos had been heading southbound in the northbound lanes at the time of the crash. 

Carlos was eventually taken to Froedtert Hospital after claiming injury. Two others were reportedly injured as a result of this crash.

When the state trooper met Carlos at the hospital, he denied that he had been driving at the time of the crash, and became verbally argumentative. Carlos eventually tried to flee from his hospital bed when he discovered he was being arrested, and five officers had to assist in restraining him.

The results of a blood draw indicated Carlos had a blood alcohol level of .19. A lab report also indicated the presence of THC in Carlos' system.