Man charged for dragging officers during traffic stop due in court

RACINE (WITI) – 27-year-old Edward Gamble, the Racine man charged in an incident in which Racine police officers were dragged during a traffic stop, is due in court Monday, June 24th.

Gamble faces charges of first degree recklessly endangering safety, repeater (2 counts) and resisting an officer, causing a soft tissue injury to officer, repeater (2 counts) and resisting an officer (repeater).

Officers first observed what they believed was a drug deal near 20th and Mead. They followed the suspected buyer’s car in an unmarked squad, saw several traffic violations and decided to pull him over on 16th Street

“There is no typical traffic stop,” Racine County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jessie Metoyer said.

When officers pulled Gamble over, the criminal complaint indicates officers asked Gamble to step out of his vehicle, and noticed a clear, knotted plastic baggie containing greenish leafy material.

“If they are concerned about the person that could be hiding contraband, or going for a weapon or not obeying orders to get out, we would definitely open the car door,” Sgt. Metoyer said.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates Gamble did not get out of his vehicle, and instead grabbed the gear shift and put the vehicle into drive. Believing that Gamble was attempting to flee the scene, officers grabbed Gamble and yelled at him to stop and get out of the car.

Gamble then continued resisting and dragged the officers about 20-30 feet. In doing so, the vehicle began to cross into the oncoming lane of traffic — according to the complaint.

Both officers fell to the ground as Gamble continued to flee, and eventually got into their squad car and followed Gamble.

Officers eventually caught up to Gamble and said he actively resisted while being taken into custody, according to the complaint.

The green leafy substance was tested and received a positive reaction for the presence of THC.

“It could’ve turned out differently. They could’ve been injured much more severely and they did a great job,” Sgt. Metoyer said.