Man caught on camera licking banknote, rubbing it on his chest at Australian convenience store

QUEENSLAND, Australia -- A man was seen licking a banknote and rubbing it on his chest before throwing it into a container at a convenience store in Gympie, Queensland, Australia on May 18.

Store management had introduced measures limiting staff contact with bills from customers to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and had placed a container on the counter for shoppers to put cash in.

All money placed in the container was then sterilized by the staff before being put into the cashier till, a spokesperson for the store said in a comment alongside footage shared to Facebook.

Surveillance cameras captured the man handing a note to a staff member before she gestured to the container for cash. Following this, the video showed the man licked the bill and rubbed it on his chest before tossing it into the container.

“There literally are no words. Apparently he was unhappy about having to put his cash in the container. The joys of retail,” the caption alongside the video read.

Queensland had recorded a total of 1,057 cases of the virus as of Tuesday, May 19.