Man allegedly sprayed group with hot tar after argument in Pennsylvania

SCRANTON, Pa. - Police are now investigating after a group of friends say a man spewed tar all over them this weekend in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Friends say the man was angry he was in the background of one of their pictures and told them he would be back. Minutes later, he rolled by in a utility truck on Courthouse Square in Scranton spraying tar on the group of eight.

“He was laughing, I mean very loudly. He was just laughing as he was driving by,” victim Michael Prado told WNEP.

The friends say all eight of them were hit by the tar on their clothes and even on their skin. One of the victims had to be treated for first-degree burns.

“It was almost like spilling gallons by the minute. That's how fast this spray was spraying,” Prado said.

One of the victim’s trucks was even wrecked in the attack. Tar even made its way inside as the friends were trying to get away.

“All over the truck on the right side of the truck. It looks like probably over $40,000 in damages,” Prado said.

Now, the friends are hoping someone recognizes the man and reports him to police.

“He could cause some major problems to society. I mean, he started spraying tar for just being in the background of a video, who knows what could come out of it for something more serious,” Prado said.

Police are still looking for the suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call the Scranton Police Department at 570-348-4139.