Man accused of waving gun at trucker on I-43 to be sentenced

FOX POINT (WITI) -- 47-year-old Mark Manning, the Indiana man accused of pointing a loaded gun at a truck driver on the expressway, will be sentenced Friday, June 14th.

Manning is accused of endangered a person’s safety with a loaded weapon on December 27th

Just before 9:00 p.m. a truck driver saw a man waive a gun at him. Both men were traveling on I-43 North, and the gun being waived also was loaded.

The truck driver called police, and stayed on the phone with Milwaukee County dispatchers while they put the call out to the nearest officers.

The truck driver decided to follow the man with the gun, while backup was on their way.

Manning was pulled over on the interstate, just north of Brown Deer by Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies and Bayside police.

A deputy found a loaded .45 caliber pistol on Manning’s passenger seat with one bullet in the chamber, then officers found another gun. The second gun was a loaded nine millimeter in the glove box of Manning’s car, which also had a bullet in the chamber.

After a complete search, officers found more ammunition that included two .45 caliber magazines, and 238 nine millimeter rounds in the trunk of Manning’s car.

Manning could face two charges of endangering the safety of a person with a dangerous weapon and also one count of disorderly conduct. A Milwaukee County judge set Manning’s bail at $50,000.