Man accused of arson, vandalism, who blamed alleged actions on "aliens" committed

Anouphong Inphachack

SHEBOYGAN -- A man accused of vandalizing and then trying to burn down a home in Sheboygan multiple times, whom prosecutors say blamed his alleged actions on "aliens," has been committed by the court after he was found incompetent to proceed in the case against him.

32-year-old Anouphong Inphachack was in court Tuesday, November 7th for a competency hearing. He was found incompetent to proceed after he was evaluated by a doctor, and ordered committed to the Department of Health Services for in-patient treatment.

Inphachack told police he was struck by an alien virus, according to a criminal complaint. The homeowners said they have no idea who Inphachack is, and told FOX6 News after nearly a month of being targeted, they're glad he was caught.

It's happened near 10th and Kentucky Avenue in Sheboygan. From graffiti to a broken window and a charred back porch, the family renovating the home said for a month, someone damaged their property.

"It's concerning. It's frightening," the homeowner, who did not want to be identified said.

10th and Kentucky Avenue in Sheboygan

Sheboygan County District Attorney Joel Urmanski said it started when someone spray painted the letters DNA on the house, and then things escalated.

The vandal tried burning the house down -- lighting the porch on fire for a second time.

10th and Kentucky Avenue in Sheboygan

10th and Kentucky Avenue in Sheboygan

Police said 31-year-old Inphachack was first spotted by a neighbor, holding a gas can, and on October 5th, he was arrested by an officer on patrol. Investigators say his alleged motivation is bizarre.

"Some of what he said was about aliens. An alien virus," Urmanski said.

10th and Kentucky Avenue in Sheboygan

According to the complaint, Inphachack thought he was infected with an alien virus, and aliens had "modified his DNA." Inphachack told authorities a man who once lived in the home "has been trying to kill him for awhile now" and aliens "made him do this."

The complaint says Inphachack admitted he suffers from schizophrenia, and his parents later told police their son stopped taking his medication.

Kate Baer

"Instead of going at it negatively right away, take a look at it curiously. Oh my gosh, what did that family go through? What did that individual go through? Nobody wants to be in that position," Kate Baer with Mental Health America Sheboygan County said.

Baer said there are resources for those dealing with mental health issues, and she encouraged anyone who needs help to call.

"You are not alone. No family is alone in this. We are a community about building resilience and hope," Baer said.