"Makes me feel good:" 95-year-old great-grandmother makes blankets for babies around the world

SANDY, Utah -- A 95-year-old great-grandmother is proving that age is just a number.

Instead of slowing down, in the last decade, Mary Southerland has kept active by sewing every day. Her goal: to comfort children around the world.

"It makes me feel good to make blankets for babies," Southerland said.

The blankets she sews in her Sandy home have been given to children in Kenya, Peru and even Nepal. It all started back in 2010 when her grand-daughter brought some with her on a medical mission trip to Kenya. When Southerland's grand-daughter came back to Utah, she showed her grandmother pictures of the women wrapping their newborns in her blankets.

"They were very happily received," Southerland said after seeing pictures from the trip. "I was very thankful to know that I was appreciated, you know? That what I did was appreciated."

The experience inspired Southerland and since then, she has sewed thousands of blankets. Southerland believes in the last five years, she's spent $22,000 on materials to create the gifts. She said the project keeps her young and active.

"I will continue to do this," Southerland said. "My age isn't stopping me."

Southerland is always looking for donated materials. She prefers working with flannel fabric. Southerland has a GoFundMe account to help her raise funds for materials.