'Make one new change every day:' Tips to help you achieve your 2020 fitness goals

MILWAUKEE -- Several people are breaking a sweat for their 2020 New Year's resolutions. Local gyms are already seeing an increase in crowds. To help stick to your goals, a trainer suggests starting with small goals first and tracking them with a calendar.

"If I can do it, anybody can," said Michele Heller, gymgoer.

Michele Heller is one of several gymgoers breaking a sweat to kick-off 2020.

Fitness resolution for 2020

"I'm getting to that age where I have to keep my muscle strength up," said Heller.

Local gyms are seeing an influx in crowds within the first week of the new year.

"The parking lot was packed, you had to drive around to find a parking spot," said Kari Kennedy, gymgoer.

Getting fit seems to always be a popular New Year's resolution. But personal trainer Abram Anderson says things in 2020 could be different.

"What's different about 2020 in particular -- it feels like the start of a new decade," said Wisconsin Athletic Club Abram Anderson.

Wisconsin Athletic Club Trainer Abram Anderson says while several people are lacing up for workouts now -- crowds die down as the year goes on. So, he has some advice for those looking to stick to their goals.

"If you make the goal to make one new change every day, 365 little changes throughout the year is going to make a massive difference," said Anderson.

As these gym junkies are squatting low -- their standards to be consistent are high.

"I think it just makes people feel like they're on the right start to the year," said Kennedy.